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Gas hot water heater

Why accident during use gas-base warm water machine 

summary: poor circulation cause Carbon oxide up to 100 ppm leve; or more

No matter whether the residential gas water heater uses natural gas or cylinder gas, the principle is to burn and burn requires enough oxygen to mix with the gas. If the oxygen is insufficient, the combustion will produce deadly carbon monoxide. The gas will be dispersed in the air (because of the weight and air). The human body inhales carbon monoxide It will bind to the hemoglobin of the blood for a long time (such as 10 minutes or more), will be faint for a long time, and will die unknowingly. When burning gas, if the air circulation is not good, such as if the window is closed or only slightly opened. At this time, the oxygen will be insufficient. The carbon monoxide generated due to the poor air circulation will accumulate in the room or the house. In practice, the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds 100 ppm and an alarm is issued. , A red alert is issued at a concentration of 500 ppm. Our company has a gas detector PM580 or PM400 to help. Users can ask someone to actually measure the concentration of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and the opening and closing conditions of various doors and windows to ensure home safety